Create events that people attend

Meet Esyvite, the best way to invite people

Increase attendance

Make sure people attend because your events go on their calendar

Share events easily

Get events onto calendars without needing contact information

Free to use

Get unlimited events, host unlimited attendees. free forever.

Use Esyvite for

Family celebrations

Create a link in seconds and share on your group chat. No more email invites to send and signups to do


Post an esyvite link to your Instagram, Twitter for your followers to add your upcoming events

Facebook communities

Post an event to your facebook page for your followers to instantly add to their calendar

How it works

1. Fill in event details

The time, event link (zoom link, clubhouse link) or location and a short description.

2. Share your link

Create your esyvite link and then post/share/tweet/email that to your guests.

3. Guests add to their calendars

Guests open your esyvite link and add the event to their calendar

4. Ring!

Your guests get reminded about your event at the right time!

What Esyvite offers

Complete Privacy

You and your guests don't need to share any contact information and no access needed to your accounts

Eliminate dropoff

Reduce accidental absentees when people forget to add your event on their calendar

Delight guests

Since scheduling your event takes a few seconds your guests will appreciate the magical experience

The better way to invite people

Create event link